Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fever Pitch Hits Free Market Crash

By Detroit Jack, Phallus Press Writer - Sat Sept.11, 8:46:40 am ET

Photos by Detroit Jack

Tokyo Rockers cleaned out their nooks, crannies, closets and shoe boxes searching for the golden bullet to the top of the underground Free Market Crash that precluded an all out assault on communal harmony. Rockin' Punkers brought their molded straps and soiled treasures to lay bare on erected platforms so often equated with the offerings made to the flea market gods of the West.

A signed pair of Elvis' underwear was rumored to be on offer, though they never surfaced among the minion of guitar cases stuffed with the undergarments of the nights' acts. I personally had my mitts on a long red silky pair of cabaret stockings purportedly worn by one of the all too sexy Supersnazz members, though after further inquiry, they dropped from my clinging gloves when Super "Greg" Snazz lay claim to ownership. Yeah, sexy I guess . . . , but . . . ANYWAY . . .

Found among the offerings that documented the brief supremacy of the Nippon garage punk and roll underground were, a Teengenerate T-back here, a pair of Jackie & the Cedrics' &$#"$(# there! Must have had a good time in Spain!! A box of Thunder Roads chocolates with Jellybeans' on top, obviously rejected and put up for sale by a smoldering broken heart, a single rockabilly leopard skinned platform shoe, who the owner swore belonged to Mick Collins, and a tiger stripped leotard, which was priced at $2, but when my friend inquired as to the patron of ownership, no one would lay claim. My friend stuffed it in her bag for future ballet lessons.

When the Free Market Carnage had finally come to a head, the pints began to reverb from the stage. And, oh my, this was an ass kicking! Supersnazz are currently at their peak, which covers a twenty year climb to the pinnacle of their sound, that makes legendary those red cabaret stockings my friend (a Young Parisian) acquired from the free market offerings to the gods.

Further, when contemplating supreme triumph, this nights' punters' witnessed the crowning of thee supreme trio of Nippon garage rock, and those acclamations being so heartfully won by Sammy, Fifi and Fink, who are, were and always will be American Soul Spiders, Teengenerate, Raydios, Tweezers, Firestarter and beyond! They all out conquered this Free Market Crash and Burn: the likes of which one must truly travel East to bare witness.

*All photos and content property of Jack Waldron (photos may not be used without written permission)

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