Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guru Guru Think!

By DETROIT JACK, Phallus Press Writer – Fri March 11, 3:47 pm TT
Photos by John Kessler

Guru Guru fortune seen beyond the radioactive dream, when Mani brought the powers that be, to a synergy strewn with bodies in black, salty graves.

Poisons seep into the eyes of nature, destroying temples with acid death.

Beyond the tracks of control from which it sprang, the music of forgiveness went unheralded amongst the mass of human objects no longer hearing that which withdraws.

Wild forces convened on the inventive stricken, who clutched their memories into the deep black, while Guru Guru Makoto Temple Of Acid Minds was lost amongst the history impressed on the minds of wanton objects.


*All photos and content property of Jack Waldron (photos may not be used without written permission)