Saturday, April 14, 2012

Latent Atomic Residue Beyond Wonka Suplex!!!

By Detroit Jack, Phallus Press Writer - Sat. April 7, 1:04 am TT
Photos by Detroit Jack

Latent Atomic Residue (LAR) spread beyond the Wonka Suplex via a newly shattered glass tower, replicating the Sexplex of forty years past, unleashing a Baby Love terror on the unsuspecting Dasein of East Shinjuku.

The propagation of the Atomic dread, known as the Heavysick, had long been relegated to the past as the only human catastrophe to ever come forth from the wild creations within the Wonka Suplex.

Some forty years ago, the Wonka Atomic Suplex gave inertia to the revolutionary Wonkavator, which travelled in any direction to any location worldwide.

The cutting edge technology of the Atomic Suplex could even capture The Volume Out, referring to all of the energy released by the Wonkavator, capturing it, and suplexing its atomic molecules for reuse.

It was during the maiden voyage that the Great Mongoose (referring to the atomic molecule capturing unit) disintegrated, thus causing the original LAR release.

Called in to do the original clean-up operation, the Minnesota VooDoo Men brigade, the Umpa Lumpa manned division tasked with the most dangerous Wonkapations, successfully magnetized the wayward particles into an atomic cloud known as a Danger Danger.

While contained and returned to the Atomic Suplex, the radiant damage had already been done. Having affected the hormonal drives of the male species, thus causing pheremone levels to increase one-hundred fold, the female species multiplied that effect by one-thousand.

As had occurred some forty years prior, the Heavysick spread last Saturday night. Miwa Females were witnessed ripping off their tops in mad frenzied spotting of their male counterparts.

In the early morning hours it was every man for himself and, all a man could do to thwart being taken, tied, molested and left to lay in wait for the next attack.

Damn you Willy Wonka all to HELL!!

*All photos and content property of Jack Waldron (photos may not be used without written permission)